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Plastic Cookie Cutters

Plastic Cookie Cutters is your one stop shop for all your plastic cookie cutter needs.  Many people don't know this, but most cookie cutters rust because they are made of tin plated steel.  Those that don't are made of stainless steel (which is expensive) or copper (which is even more expensive and corrodes).  Two other benefits of plastic cookie cutters are that 1) they don't have sharp edges which can cut you (or kids), and 2) most plastic cookie cutters have a very comfortable grip that is soft on your hands.
Plastic Cookie Cutters last a LONG time which is why so many vintage and rare cookie cutters are made of plastic.  One last thing that we wanted to mention is that due to the light weight and relative indestructability of plastic cookie cutters, we are able to offer very low shipping.  Check out our shipping prices below

$3.99 FLAT rate shipping in the US (no matter what size your order is)

$7.99 FLAT rate shipping internationally (no matter what size your order is)

Happy Cooking!!!

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